Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I regretted.

don't be mistaken.

i regretted that i eaten TOOOO
much for lunch. -.-
HAHA, okay it isn't funny.

dance from 6-10? sounds good.
BUT. i wanna watch my SHOW!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


): damn, no internet at home
until tomorrow ))))):

i've got damn loads of project to do
(because i've forgotten it. LOLS)
so i'll be dead meat for this week
i guess. (:

btw thanks people for the encouraging
comments! its a lot appreciated! ^^V

and nadine dear, no worries (:
when im free i'll come up with part 2! ^^V

anyways, lee hyori is HOT.

she's 30+, and still LOOKS YOUNG.
even though it might be the cause of surgery,
she's good (:

Thursday, December 24, 2009

SHINee's fanfic for iluvkey_nadz!

annyong! merry christmas! (:
here's your present in my little blogg (:

How should i start it?
HMm... here it goes!

when key was young, both of his parents are working.
Hence, he was sent to a day care center.
As he was in primary 2, he was asked to mixed with
the primary 2 students, whom are onew, taemin, jonghyun,
minho, nadine, mireen and tae yeon.

He spent his time happily together with them,
singing, dancing and doing work together..
He felt whole, as he was the only child in his family.
Even if there was time when they quarrelled,
they still love each other as a family..

As the days goes on, key started to feel something for nadine..
He doesn't know why he like to disturb her sooo much..
He treats it as a pleasure, having her disturbing him back too.

As taemin was good friends with key, he actually asked him,
"ommo, do you actually like nadine? it seemed to look like it,
seeing you disturbing her so much."

Onew heard and ran to both of them and said " jin cha? (really?)
aigooo, you 2 make a good matchhh! hohoho."
thinking.. *now my rival is gone. MUAHAHAHHAAS*

*BAM* he fell down.

Key sighed, pulled him up and said,
"aishhh! it isn't the first time already!
ONEW SANGTAE KA? (is it onew condition?)"

key replied, "nae, mo-la-neun-dae.. (i, don't know...)
maybe? but it couldn't be!"

Onew said, "Don't lie to yourself anymore!
even though we are still young, we still have
feelings! go for it! aja aja fighting!"
Taemin exclaimed, "But, if i am not wrong,
Minho likes her too. Look at his eyes when he
sees her! Key, don't regret if you lose this opportunity!"
Key replied," I'll see how.. I heard that my family
are gonig to migrate soon. I don't want to break her heart.."

Want to read more? wait for next fanfic, part 2!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

im just gonna be offensive for once.

There are always bound to have some
people who have nothing to do at home
to go around blog-hopping in order to
grab some attention.

It only shows how immature some people are,
or how ugly they are in their hearts.

However, thanks to them, i woke up somehow.
i realised the way i blog is kind of immature too.
so i am going to blog in proper english from
today, 22dec2009 4.19p.m. onwards.

I really don't want to waste time answering their
doubts to protect myself from their comments, but
oh wells, i am going to do it.

To be frank, no one can really say they don't get affected
by those harsh comments that the people say.
There will be times when i doubt myself if i can do it too.
I am not someone who is unrealistic or else,
i would be asking myself to fly instead.

SO, i am going to reply to this 2 person, mr anon and passer.
For whoever you are, perhaps you will hate me,
feel like slapping me, realise you are such an immature kid,
realise that there's still such a word as dream or whatsoever,
i am not going to care.
If i do, i am just simply falling into your trap, and being an
national idol will definitely suffer from this kind of things
some day anyway.

you asked me to stop dreaming right? Haven't you heard
of 美梦成真? maybe you are not chinese educated but oh wells.
it means beautiful dreams can come true.
and you said that people reading my blog will laugh out loud right.
by all means, laugh~ if i could bring laughters to my readers,
why not? having happiness in the world is the best thing to have.
and how do you know that they will laugh,
are you some god?

korea and taiwan not possible for me huh, so its possible for you?
impossible= i m possible.
please, if you think i can't, by all means you can keep your comments
to yourself. If you think i can't and want to stop me. You simply can't.
I am doing what i want to allow me not to regret in future.
Life is just once, why waste it.

I didn't say that i can become idol just because i can sing and dance.
Do you think that i don't have the brain to think of that?
Its about if you can do it well, if you think you can do better,
go ahead and try it out yourself. Why come here and tell me
i can't? Is it because you are guilty that you can't so you head
off around telling everyone that you can't OH you can't.
There are other idols around too, so what do you think they are?

Anyway. I DID see snow, i'll blog it up soon. thanks for your comments.
and i hope you don't feel offended too. Even if you are, it is none of
my business since you are the first person who goes around
shooting off inappropriate remarks about people's dream.
If i were your mother, i would feel embarassed.

It isn't the first time you came my blog isn't it.
Aren't you feeling bored of it? Or perhaps you actually loved it so
much that you are reading it everyday? -.-
No one comes with the perfect talent for anything.
SO you mean you can actually have it once you're born?
Oh wells, go ahead and be a perfect person and be the USA president
or whatever you want to be.

For your information pitching can be trained.
DO you mean that babies can't learn? So why are you talking
in english? Using a computer? Don't be a retard.

Anything can be learnt. Be it language, posture or
whatever it is. and please don't call me darling.
it just makes me feel like puking.

Wake up too, haven't you heard that Lee Kuan Yew said
that learning is a lifelong journey? Don't be an idiot
go around trashing people's dream. Why not
support them and give them advices? You are just making
people to hate you. Perhaps you're stupid enough to do it then.

-MY own opinions.
perhaps people ask me why do i want to be singer?
is it even possible?
can you make it?
oh come on, it is so difficult, just give it up.

If you're asking me to give it up, i can say you aren't
my friend. A normal friend would ask you to keep it up,
strive for your best. GO do it! Rock the stage!

It is my ambition and dream to be a singer and dancer.
It is up to me to think about my own dream. Not yours.
I am here, trying my best. If i can't make it in the end,
by all means, i won't regret. At least i did my best.
If god bless me, i succeed, i would definitely go with my promise
that i made with them.

If you are wondering what is the promise, you will never
know. (: It is my secret.

AND READERS, i am back in SIN!
wait for my korea trip posting! (:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

annyongg! - not hi, but bye guys!

helloo peoplee!
i guess i wont be here until next tuesday
because i'll be going to korea on
ONEW's birthday! which is on next mondayy~

cant wait to goo mans! :D :D
must be damnnn cold~
damn damn bloody cold.
but oh wells. it will be my first time to see snow!
gosh~ HAHAS :D

enjoy ur sch holidays! ^^V
mireen will be back refreshed!

Friday, December 11, 2009


after watching big bang's documentary.
im kind of nervous now.
thinking if im too late to join korean's artiste company =/

its like none of them started training in 18..
): but i trained in singapore first what!
oh wells. now im only working hard towards
so if korea cannot, i'll make it to taiwan at least
den i can venture to korea (:
i must aja aja fighting!
i'll not lose any seconds to improveee when i can!

*tremendous training coming ahead in front. (:
just do it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


had my yanshou yesterdayy...
wasn't really happy abt it
because i made some mistakes
and once again..
i seriously gotta work on that mans!
aja aja fighting! xD

next target on fighting- PITCHING!

anyway i got my iphone today!
thanks to my dear dad :D
oh and one of the teacher actually
said that i can electrify guys.
*smirks. LOL

anyways. i need to buck up.
excited for korea.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

in an hours or 2 hours time..
i'll be having my yanshouu.

watching shinee's performance,
big bang's and hyori's to push me up.

im excited/.
i dont want to get excited now -.-
i don't know when have i started
to love the tiredness after finishing a song during
yanshou. (:

i'll do my best.
and show to my mum (:
i did it!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

introducing my new discoveryyyy! :D

daesung cha gia is sooo cute.
even though he's ugly that's why
he's cute = ugly but adorable. LOL.
NO he's not ugly. HAHAS.
but TOP and G dragon and taeyang is damnn
damnn damnnnn COOL.


while i was back on some bus...
i think 103 -.-
i saw a blooddy white spider.
colour that are more noticable is more scary
righttt?! gosh. scare the hell out of me. LOL

and here's my new haircut once again!
im so gonna fight for yanshou! aja aja fighting!

having exams tomo T___T
and yanshou 2 hrs after exam.
and.. korea next mondayyy!
dinner on sundayy :D

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


im kind of agitated now?
stressed? nope.
flaring up? yes.
irritated? maybe.

ugh. i hate this.
perhaps the hormones in my body is mixing
my emotions up now. damn it.
ate too much chocolate.
but the coco exotic is really nice! >.<
perhaps i ate too much..
which cause this bloody effect.

anyways! im having psycho test tomo,
BCS on friday.
chiong beh? yes.
and i wont be studying BCS most likely.
cos tomo will be dance and vocal training at night.
may god bless me >.<

they'll be my guardian angels! (:

i'll shine & be charasmatic like KEY oppa!

why? mo-la-soh~
be happy! think of onew oppa (:

Family Outing . HILARIOUS

people, u shld really watch this.
i laughed till my stomach ACHE.

btw, i did studied. but i also need a rest right! (:

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"I believe that with hard work, there will be fruits of labor to be reaped." - Onew "Knowing nothing is medicine." - Onew annyong!
hahas onew's wisdom words.
kind of trueee :D nope, its very true.
i wanna come up with a fanfic for onew soon ^^
after my exams.

talking abt my exams ..
i have loads of them coming up -.-
i hate it -.-
okok. so it means that i'll blog lesser huh.
*maybe only.
anywayyyy imma tired. *PUFFS
off to slp!

btw, i said im going to cut my hair right!
here are e pics :D:D:D

comments! xD