Wednesday, December 02, 2009


im kind of agitated now?
stressed? nope.
flaring up? yes.
irritated? maybe.

ugh. i hate this.
perhaps the hormones in my body is mixing
my emotions up now. damn it.
ate too much chocolate.
but the coco exotic is really nice! >.<
perhaps i ate too much..
which cause this bloody effect.

anyways! im having psycho test tomo,
BCS on friday.
chiong beh? yes.
and i wont be studying BCS most likely.
cos tomo will be dance and vocal training at night.
may god bless me >.<

they'll be my guardian angels! (:

i'll shine & be charasmatic like KEY oppa!

why? mo-la-soh~
be happy! think of onew oppa (:

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