Thursday, December 24, 2009

SHINee's fanfic for iluvkey_nadz!

annyong! merry christmas! (:
here's your present in my little blogg (:

How should i start it?
HMm... here it goes!

when key was young, both of his parents are working.
Hence, he was sent to a day care center.
As he was in primary 2, he was asked to mixed with
the primary 2 students, whom are onew, taemin, jonghyun,
minho, nadine, mireen and tae yeon.

He spent his time happily together with them,
singing, dancing and doing work together..
He felt whole, as he was the only child in his family.
Even if there was time when they quarrelled,
they still love each other as a family..

As the days goes on, key started to feel something for nadine..
He doesn't know why he like to disturb her sooo much..
He treats it as a pleasure, having her disturbing him back too.

As taemin was good friends with key, he actually asked him,
"ommo, do you actually like nadine? it seemed to look like it,
seeing you disturbing her so much."

Onew heard and ran to both of them and said " jin cha? (really?)
aigooo, you 2 make a good matchhh! hohoho."
thinking.. *now my rival is gone. MUAHAHAHHAAS*

*BAM* he fell down.

Key sighed, pulled him up and said,
"aishhh! it isn't the first time already!
ONEW SANGTAE KA? (is it onew condition?)"

key replied, "nae, mo-la-neun-dae.. (i, don't know...)
maybe? but it couldn't be!"

Onew said, "Don't lie to yourself anymore!
even though we are still young, we still have
feelings! go for it! aja aja fighting!"
Taemin exclaimed, "But, if i am not wrong,
Minho likes her too. Look at his eyes when he
sees her! Key, don't regret if you lose this opportunity!"
Key replied," I'll see how.. I heard that my family
are gonig to migrate soon. I don't want to break her heart.."

Want to read more? wait for next fanfic, part 2!

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! im nadine..*bows* thank you so much for the fic!! and i want the part two~! thank you so much!! *hugs* Merry Christmas mireen unnie...*bows*