Saturday, January 30, 2010

아자아자 fighting

finally, its over with the performance.
there's still a finale on 20march,
so be there to watch it alrights (:

i daresay our hardwork is definitely
paid off, but it can always be better.

Everyone did well, and i want to thank someone.
Huan Jie Laoshi (:
he put in his effort for us
and really, i can feel it. thank you (:

by the way, i cut my hair (:
this time it really looks like key one already!

i am meeting shinee tomorrow! :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

its up.

Yesterday's performance is up on youtube now (:

More More More

Ta hai shi bu dong

Victoria's Secret - wei duo li ya de mi mi

JUST high.

done with performance - live on saturday?
i don't remember the event name..

anyway, everyone did their best today.

i'll upload the video soon,
and the photos are already on facebook,
so check it out in my profile page.

i went "gaga" over the games
we had at HKcafe. LOLS.
totally madness.

and mireen is tired but high (:
gotta keep going on. (:

fighting people~

Friday, January 22, 2010

i am BUSY

I can guarantee you that 8 hours
of sleep is definitely not enough for me.

Why do people see me tired when i
am alright? This is something that i
don't understand.

Finally done with OB role play and
communication skill group role play! :D
Tomorrow got to hand up reflection
journal of 1000-2000 words. -__-

I just came back for ocean butterflies..
Finally final rehearsal ended..
was thinking of having a good sleep
tomorrow after korean but got to practice.
my throat is struggling for fresh air mans.
): ugh.

believe that you can do it.
show it (:

good night.

Don't be afraid to lose.

Give it all out what you have got

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

20 minutes and im definitely 18.

thanks a lot to the people
who sent me their beautiful wishes today (:
appreciated it.
first time my facebook FLOODED.

you wouldn't want to see the name list here.

anyway. received presents from hmm.. (in sequence)
kelvin brudder,
christopher aka milo,
regina dear and yikang daddy,
and from felix again.. (:

and i get my angbaos from grandmaa
and my parents as well :D
thanks a lot for your pressiee!

thanks my regina dear for handling meee
my birthday present when she's super

thanks kelvin gege for coming down to my
small celebration party :D when u're damn busy
from your work! xD APPRECIATED IT.

mr felixxxx, you should start saving on your MONEY.
still, thanks for your flowers and present (:
appreciated it loads! goma oh!
please save more for yourself! you're loved too! (:

*MR CHRISTOPHER. thanks for your flowers.
must be damn ex right. AS WELL BUY
me smth branded. ROAR. IT CANNOT

i'll update again.


HAHA. thanks people for the wishes (:
ESPECIALLY regina neo xin yi. xD
she's the first to sing me a birthday song.
HAHA. i'll do SO TOO.

thanks cr, kelvin brudder, yikang daddy &
christina mummy, wenhao
and of course my REG dear dear to
celebrate with me at fish and co just now :D

*appreciated it moreover its the rushing week
for performance. everyone is sick or else
practicing! (:

I'll update more tomorrow.
Have to sleep really soon.
I don't wanna have a panda eye ):
RECEIVED MY first present from kelvin BRUDDER! xD

Friday, January 08, 2010

Updates! (:

humph. pimples.
i can feel it coming. DARN.

anyways. Guess what?!
My korean teacher doesn't know how to
speak english or chinese AT ALL.
Good game :D

Luckily -.- i can understand a little,
or else i'll be dead. like HUH?

anyway.. project submission week
is coming... Let me recap what i have to do huh..

1.communication skill (online and proj)
2.ob article
3.micro group
4.public speaking (exam -speech for 5 mins)
5.psychology group
6.geog group (japan)

HA, damn it.
i ain't enjoying this year man! UGH.

anyway.. im turning 18 soon.
So i want to copy someone's idea to buy myself
a branded stuff.
But, i am kind of wondering what i should buy..
Bag? Wallet? Earphones? Clothes?

Definitely not cosmetics and beauty product
since i just came back from korea right. -.-
just some analytical thinking here.

Lets see.. Leather jacket? hmmm...
Necklace or earrings?
If branded... What kind of brand?
-.- The brands that i like is really limited.
Its probably too expensive. For example..
Burberry and Mont Blanc -.-
Esprite (se) or Forever 21? Some comments please~
Headache ahh. See how bahh (:

Anyway. On that day i am
going out to eat with my parents so.
Yayy~ -.- i am a busy woman,
difficult to take out time. HAH.

I realised.

you rocks baby!

hoping that the memories doesn't go away...
be it the past, or the future.
be it sadness, or happiness.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

crazy start.

starting of the year and i'm
already feeling over-burdened.

-.- the number of works i have to
do is like exaggerating. Perhaps not for
you but yes for me. ~_~
can someone just wake me up if this is a

let's list down the stuffs i got to do....
1. Microeconomic project - indi
(handing up tomorrow)
2. Microeconomic project - group (25th jan)
3. OB group project - 15 jan
4. Psychology project.
5. Geography for travel and tourism
(blog critique)
6. 验收- 宇宙小姐, eternal flame by atomic kitten.
7. Performance at the front of civic plaza
on 23 jan, 维多利亚的秘密,他还是不懂,moremoremore.

I bet i am going to die soon. ROAR.
The amount of workload is killing me. Furthermore,
next week is my BIRTHDAY. UGH!
but i'll keep going..

p.s. i'll update about korea after my birthday (:

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys and girls!
A fresh year ahead for me, also for you guys! (:

I bet everyone have their wishes for this year
and so do i!
I also have my own target that i want to accomplish
as well too (: everyone, strive hard! xD

shall list down my targets (:
1. don't be forgetful anymore.
(i lost 2 thumbdrive already! ): )
2. Slim down!
3. Improve dancing! (control, techniques)
4. Improve singing! (pitch and pronunciation)
5. Improve keyboard!
6. Impress the teachers *smirks
7. Good exam results!
8. Become more pretty. xD LOL
9. Be a tidy personnn!
10. Save moneyy!
11. Go korea and japann~
12. Spread more love! xD
13. No laziness! ROAR
14. DO my very best (:
15. Be more sensitive towards other people's feeling.

Hmm. Why more sensitive towards other people feeling?
Because i understand how it feels getting shoot by
other people i guess.
I won't pinpoint to who but, please take a thought
for your friends. (:
Even a dog has feeling, what about you?

Happy New Year!
13 days to my birthday!