Tuesday, January 05, 2010

crazy start.

starting of the year and i'm
already feeling over-burdened.

-.- the number of works i have to
do is like exaggerating. Perhaps not for
you but yes for me. ~_~
can someone just wake me up if this is a

let's list down the stuffs i got to do....
1. Microeconomic project - indi
(handing up tomorrow)
2. Microeconomic project - group (25th jan)
3. OB group project - 15 jan
4. Psychology project.
5. Geography for travel and tourism
(blog critique)
6. 验收- 宇宙小姐, eternal flame by atomic kitten.
7. Performance at the front of civic plaza
on 23 jan, 维多利亚的秘密,他还是不懂,moremoremore.

I bet i am going to die soon. ROAR.
The amount of workload is killing me. Furthermore,
next week is my BIRTHDAY. UGH!
but i'll keep going..

p.s. i'll update about korea after my birthday (:

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