Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year guys and girls!
A fresh year ahead for me, also for you guys! (:

I bet everyone have their wishes for this year
and so do i!
I also have my own target that i want to accomplish
as well too (: everyone, strive hard! xD

shall list down my targets (:
1. don't be forgetful anymore.
(i lost 2 thumbdrive already! ): )
2. Slim down!
3. Improve dancing! (control, techniques)
4. Improve singing! (pitch and pronunciation)
5. Improve keyboard!
6. Impress the teachers *smirks
7. Good exam results!
8. Become more pretty. xD LOL
9. Be a tidy personnn!
10. Save moneyy!
11. Go korea and japann~
12. Spread more love! xD
13. No laziness! ROAR
14. DO my very best (:
15. Be more sensitive towards other people's feeling.

Hmm. Why more sensitive towards other people feeling?
Because i understand how it feels getting shoot by
other people i guess.
I won't pinpoint to who but, please take a thought
for your friends. (:
Even a dog has feeling, what about you?

Happy New Year!
13 days to my birthday!

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