Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Arrival of new year in few days time

I always thought that new year is a time
where i can take rest and enjoy the delicacies.


guess what i had?

exhaustion from school work,
lost of wallet ( i had to replace lots of cards),
dance practices (this is bearable since i enjoy it)
had to put up with some people that i dislike.
i still have to tidy up my bloody roooooom.

(: nice huh.
i couldn't eat much during CNY since
im on a diet ( my arms are growing back! T___T )

BUT. im still gonna work hard.
no worries.

SHINee's concert or rather Oh Joon Sung's concert
was a real success and i met them like HAH!.

not long after will be my main exams,
and it will be suffering since im striving for
good results.
( i always think that a passing grade is good enough) -_-"
but oh wells,
i can do it.
so can youuu,
so can ONEW. :D


If you realise, my
face is FATTER.

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