Sunday, February 28, 2010

Korea trip 2nd day ;D

2nd day at koreaaa~
went to dreamland which is from
samsung company if i am not wrong (:
first we went to the so called safari
then some 3d max thingy..
then went to a magniicent place for photo taking :D
요기노무예쁜데! its very beautiful here (:
after that went for lunch-
topokki! ricecakes and some soup
then went to a boat ride to watch
different cultures of country made by dolls.
oh, ferris wheel tooo.

yeap, thats for dreamland,
after that we went to yeosu premium outlet
which sells branded goods that are kind of
outdated so its like 30% cheaper?
reebok bag selling at 15 bucks siahhhh!
but i didnt buy ): hmm, guess its nt
my style to carry it? (:

hmm, oh and it was so cold that it
is kind of unbearable to stay outdoor
at the dreamland and the outlet there -.-
LOL, i kept running to each outlet to hide
from e cold. also at the theme park,
where it has warmer.

can u see
the snowww~

the liger?
mixture of lion
and tiger :D

the safari!

see how thick im wearing.

the magnificent
place i talked abt

my cute mummy!

the boat ride

the topokki!

yeosu premium outlet!

cute rightt ;D

the place i slept~
daemmuyung resort?
dont remember ._.

dinner? ;D

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