Sunday, February 14, 2010

korea trip day 1 (:


Seriously, i am real lazy to rearrage my photos.
so.. please bear with it yeah?
i went with my mum, aunt, peggy(my cousin)
and with her boyfriend who is a korean.
i am just gonna say my itenaryy so here it goes!

Went on the airplane with a 6hours of
elaspse time to reach korea..
reached, change into the prepared 'winter' clothes.
but i didnt wore a lot.
just a winter tee and a winter jacket. (:
so after that,
2 hours of travel time to dong dae mun.
Migliore was closed unfortunately
as it was a monday? yeah.

so first we went eating at a food stall,
first time i saw a warmer that looks like that.

it seems that kimchi is a dish that cannot
be missed, its in EVERY meal i had or we had.
so next we went pyong hwa market if i am not wrong,
and actually i dont even know where i am walking.
LOL. Sean was the tour guide for the day.

humph. so after that we went to erm.
doosan tower? (sorry its doota) ._. for a drink.
the mocha was fabulous :D
ahh i feel like drinking it once again ):

anyway after that we went to sauna at erm.. LOL
i dont remember the building.. gosh. its beside
migliore though.. ~_~

and it ends my first day itenary. (:

The sauna with 78 degree.
god. i think it will burn me out
even though its winter. -.-

i think this is the crystal
room? dont remember...

the timing is NOW

the eggs we had..

rice tea!

my mum and aunt in the sauna's
provided clothes.

nice design huh

my mum and i at the cafe.


the pancake i had
after a fulfilling meal.
but delicious xD



food stall that i visited.

Enjoyable plane ride. (:

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