Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NOW, down with love :D

haha going on drama marathon
despite the works and practices i am
currently having..

down with love is...

practice today,
going for mediacorp recording tomorrow,
to me it is a practice and experience for me
as well. since it includes recording.
afterall, i have to try out
to know right? (: mireen will do her best.
i assure you.
it is some watson thingy.
i just wanted the 1000 bucks to be frank.
since i need money now -.-
but im scared that they are giving like
gifts instead ._.
oh wells oh wells.

mireen needs more trainings and practices!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Mireen is typing in darkness nowww.

just bathed without lights on, just a candle.
new experience :D
lights are important in our life.
imagine what you CANNOT do without it. (:

imagine if one day there isn't any electricity
anymore, what would you do? not even
the lights from the tv, computer or
even your handphone.

save a life,
save the earth.
start your part today,
this second,
right now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

dentist checkupppp :D

its important to do a dentist checkup
so now and then!

gums will actually affect your health.

dirty gums = bad health.

floss daily, brush twice a day.
guarantee you a good body
with fresh breathe! xD

hana kimi no season 2?!

-.- if there's no hana kimi jap season 2,
honestly. it will suck instead.

what's the reason for bringing our
hopes up that they will meet as couple again,
when there will be no season 2 -.-

the season 1 is, no doubt. good.
BUT. no ending?! like happily ever after.
just i love you, we will meet again.
-.- what ending is this. ROAR.


maybe you can say the one hour special as
season 2, still then it SUCK.
NO WHATSOEVER, ending is still the same.

what for? -.-
just to let us know again that they love
each other? no use. -.-
if you want to let us know that japan is good
in making drama, PLEASE.
make it a full.
this is like a rain without wind?
or rather a fan without power.


Monday, March 22, 2010


you get what you have
work hard to, felt for or whatsoever.


hana kimi is making me so excited. GOSH
but its e last episode?


the bond that holds us together will
never break (:

just by putting each other in our
hearts.. (:

hana kimi jap version is WOOOH GOOD!


don't be too over urself, be more sensitive.

perhaps u have been like this.
perhaps u just did not realise it.
your friends are just suffering in silence,
or rather letting you to do what you want
to let you be happy.


you did not realise that, she/he the one
is suffering all along.

perhaps there is a time or two
when she does it on you, and you
got really pissed.
i will tell you.
she won't apologise.

she felt why should she apologise
when you did so many times to her
and she didn't even got angry even when you

she wasn't angry, she just kept it
all in her heart to do her best to remain
as friends (:

be more sensitive to people around you,
and you will realise, the happiness of being
simple and patience or the ability to
sustain anger.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


hate backstabberrs,
or people who act to be nice,
but carrying a knife behind.


don't think you are funny, because you aren't.

have you ever tried humiliating
someone yet you think you're funny?

sorry, regret to tell u,
you aren't humorous. thanks.

btw, mireen went gym again.
guess i cant work out too much,
if not muscle will start growing yeah? -.-
must be balanced!

mireen looking for JOB

spare your thoughts for others.

perhaps, it seems nothing to you.

perhaps, you think that others wouldn't mind it.

but you'll never. KNOW.

actually there are really a lot of things that people
may missed out upon. for example,
just by throwing rubbish on the floor yeah?
you like live in a city full of rubbish huh.
then you should live in a rubbish truck.

perhaps today you said something you didn't
mean to, but people will take it for real.
i always regret doing this -.- to my family.
because it seems so "not wrong" just speaking
anything because you THOUGHT that they
will be alright hearing those.

sorry, no.
SORRY SORRY SORRY ~ ni ka ni ka ni ka~
ba juoh ba juoh~ ah whatever the spellings may be.

however, i don't have the courage to say i am sorry
to my mum or whoever, so it will always be
the time when i write my birthday card for
my mother (: or whoever!

perhaps if you heard something bad from your
friends, you will never know it meant good
or bad, so just don't be too angry at first,
think about it and see how yeah?

but i always know for my state,
its always bad. so shut up~

Monday, March 15, 2010

mireen needs moneyyy!

i wanna get a
audio interface~
and those professional camera!

i want to have lessons~
dancing lessons,
vocal lessons,
korean lessons ( im going thru now)


can you ($$) just drop from the sky? ):


went running today and
practiced dumbbells at a gym,
god. -.- not tired.
it was because i only exercised for 30 mins?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Jung Soon Concert (:

here to update about oh joon sung concert
on 1st feb, its like damn bloody long ago.
sorry! >.<

-.- bloody hell, where did my words went to. SHIT.
anyways shall rewrite again. DAMN.

oh joon sung teacher's concert was fabulous.
musical band and the 3 girls he brought was
bloody DOPE.
and the rapper, mario? don't really remember his
name though, SORRY!
really professional, except for the super
sharp voice of the girls,
kind of irksome for my ears ._.

SHINee, god.
No words to describe. you should

and i got to know a lovely girl there!
her name is ANKE! (: from germany.
hah, i have a penpal now. (:
anyway shinee fans, please
dont scream to much when you see them.
you shouldn't!
you should enjoy their music and not
just scream. i am a fan too,
i don't see myself screaming ALL THE TIME.
no offence, i just thought that this is
how they felt too. (:

have manners yeah?

the entrance ;D
appearance of concert hall!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

omg. i just saw flasher
at blk 522 bus stop just now.


why am i always seeing flasher.
since i was primary 5, i saw like 3 or 4 alr.
god damn.

do i look like someone who is
easy to bully?
shit youuuu

Sunday, March 07, 2010

501th post.




hmm. did i wrote soooo many post?
didn't realised at all. ._.

ugh, couldn't rotate the picture. damnit.

something happy happened today.
not really, just surprising.
haha i used one one dollar coin to get a toy
from those machine. first try and i got it.
amazing yeah? just had the feeling that i could
get it and wooouahhhh.


okay. so.
i realised something.
if i am accomodating,
doesn't mean that other people will too.
it is like.
you may be angry over something,
but others won't.

and recently, i have
been thinking of someone just
too much.
don't be selfish girl.