Monday, March 22, 2010

don't be too over urself, be more sensitive.

perhaps u have been like this.
perhaps u just did not realise it.
your friends are just suffering in silence,
or rather letting you to do what you want
to let you be happy.


you did not realise that, she/he the one
is suffering all along.

perhaps there is a time or two
when she does it on you, and you
got really pissed.
i will tell you.
she won't apologise.

she felt why should she apologise
when you did so many times to her
and she didn't even got angry even when you

she wasn't angry, she just kept it
all in her heart to do her best to remain
as friends (:

be more sensitive to people around you,
and you will realise, the happiness of being
simple and patience or the ability to
sustain anger.

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