Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spare your thoughts for others.

perhaps, it seems nothing to you.

perhaps, you think that others wouldn't mind it.

but you'll never. KNOW.

actually there are really a lot of things that people
may missed out upon. for example,
just by throwing rubbish on the floor yeah?
you like live in a city full of rubbish huh.
then you should live in a rubbish truck.

perhaps today you said something you didn't
mean to, but people will take it for real.
i always regret doing this -.- to my family.
because it seems so "not wrong" just speaking
anything because you THOUGHT that they
will be alright hearing those.

sorry, no.
SORRY SORRY SORRY ~ ni ka ni ka ni ka~
ba juoh ba juoh~ ah whatever the spellings may be.

however, i don't have the courage to say i am sorry
to my mum or whoever, so it will always be
the time when i write my birthday card for
my mother (: or whoever!

perhaps if you heard something bad from your
friends, you will never know it meant good
or bad, so just don't be too angry at first,
think about it and see how yeah?

but i always know for my state,
its always bad. so shut up~

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