Thursday, April 22, 2010

difficult girls

hohoho, difficult girls,
are girls who are like me.
they may not be beauties
but still~

either they don't want a bf,
or they have 0% interest in you.

so. how?

for both catergory, 0% who is uninterested in you,
& those that who don't want
a bf right. Its either they
are too busy already, so they don't
have the time to have a r/s.
so, the only way is..

to work in the same place
as the person, to be in the same
school as her Or places that she
is always at. This can increases
your chance to be by her side, notice
what she does, what she likes or hates
and even have time to chat with her. (:

after knowing what she likes,
perhaps you can send those little
gifts to her by putting into her bag,
giving it to her personally or however
you want. (: it need not be known to her.
if she doesn't know perhaps by the end
of the day she may be even touched.

so step by step, ask her out..

slowly, feel the right time, ask the right
question~ and.^^

if cant, perhaps its time to give up ):

i'll share a place for buying small gifts.
they sell nice rings~
couple rings too.

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