Thursday, April 22, 2010

tips to attract girls

Sorry, i forgot about it. Lol.

Anyway tips to ATTRACT GIRLS.
i guess the best way to listen from,
definitely must be a girl unless the
person is a gay? i don't know.

still, many girls have different idealistic guy
they want to be with or even marry.
having an ideal boyfriend doesn't
mean HE is the idealistic husband.

for example, a boyfriend can flirt.
BUT a husband CANNOT.

SO, how do you attract a girl.

1st. LOOKS.
please, it is essential for every guy
to have LOOKS to straight away
attract a girl. But, it doesn't means that you have
looks means you will definitely get the girl.
No. you are wrong. AND. even if you don't
have the looks does not
mean that you don't have the chance.

what do i mean?

Being handsome, cool or cute, is a definite
eyecandy for many girls right? I mean,
i am a girl too. SO i know la (:

However, if you are too egoistic, or full
of yourself, cruel, gangster-like....
i mean you know the answer yourself.
It depends on the girl's character.
For example, i may like someone who
is hard to get, or is kind. SO, if your
character isn't like that, you may as well
give up yeah?

No use forcing 2 person who is not compatible
to be together. There are always other
girls out there.

For those who doesn't have looks. You can always
attract them by caring for them, being
there for the girls. Notice what the girls
need and want. That's the by far most effective way.

IF the girl ask you buy her a gucci/prada/dior/
channel/dkny or whatever branded bag.
i guess it is time to say bye. Either the girl
is hinting you that she doesn't like you, or
she is just aiming for your $$.

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