Friday, April 23, 2010

tiring day...

SSM 1st day.
like vera said, 12 more days
to go on. ~_~ its killing me.

yes discipline is something,
that i hate. but without it,
i really cannot venture onto
other stuffs. it is needed, for me to
improve and upgrade... ):

the teachers were really strict,
even without mr goh.
you can imagine, its already without
mr goh, what happens if he's there =.=

anyways. love is naive, so.
(random reply to tagbox)

anyway, yes IM ON CHANNEL 8 TV show.
some watson variety show.
wasn't happy with my own performance.

tutee's parent didnt want to pay me
cause i wanted to quit due to
my sch's timetable unable to
accomodate with their's.
one headache today. -.-
don't want to pay me? i'll sue you okay.

anyway. im kind of like unsure of what
to do. partly, i want to quit due to
the heavy stress i get on tutoring..
2nd, if my dance class starts, heh heh.
sure kana again by the parent.

but im happy that, halil and danish likes me (:
cause they didn't wanted to change teacher.
but, im like on the end of 2 edges.
where to go?

e make up i had on that day....

i tried cooking some

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