Wednesday, May 05, 2010

busy days.

seemed like im a very busy woman.
but things are getting better,
since music forest is moving to
orchard scape building, which is just beside
my korean class building - orchard building.

HOHOHO, means after korean lesson i can
go there to practice. yeah?
load adding on? NO.
its an enjoyment, its just how you see it.

got to do loads of things for ssm. =/
just DYED my hair for the 2nd time,
since i didn't did it perfectly for the 1st time..
rahhh~ and i sewed my apron.
*im a housewoman. ^^v
tomorrow got to go for typhoid jab,
if not im going to get it by the teachers. ._.

so, lets list the things down i have to do huh.
get typhoid jab……
record rainie's 雨爱 ……
print SSM notes during free time.

ok seems like it isn't a lot. but there's
more to add on!
improve vocals (like once again)
keyboard practice
add repetiore.
try freestyle playing (keyboard)
wondering if i shld try guitar once again
but i guess that's after i have mastered
learning is good, but too much = not learning at all.

rahhh, twilight is taking over my mind.
its a bad thing that im so attracted to it.

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